Our brand-new TECHLAB has three readily-available flat glass processing systems. We’re happy to give you a live demo of all the features and benefits of BENTELER systems for screen printing, pre-processing CBG lines and glass washing machines.

Combining these two processes gives you a printing system with maximum flexibility: Partial digital printing allows you to use additional print options – for every single glass! There’s no need for frame changes and ‘wet-on-wet’ production does away with extra steps. No separate alignment or changes to pre-set positions are required – and that means minimum set-up times. The result – an extremely user-friendly and flexible system by combining digital and screen printing.


Encounter a solution that’s the ultimate in quality, flexibility and efficiency: Cutting and breaking are performed on a single line before grinding takes place. Minimum tolerances ensure superior edge quality. Adjustable suction cup positioning on the grinding table and the height adjustable spindle for processing different glass thicknesses are just some of the features that describe the system’s versatility. The water-saving cooling unit and quick tool change ensure maximum efficiency during operation.


Top washing quality, easy to use, different washing speeds – all standard features for BENTELER’s high-quality, flat and curved glass washing machines. For example, the tecWasher prototype features the following options: Disk-brush cleaning with an ultrasonic zone and Corona surface treatment. The system components allow a full demo of the different options available.


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