Processing Center

With the new CNC-Processing-Center, BENTELER moved an enormous step forward to support the production of shaped glass in the glass industry with short set-up times. Processing “in-line” with the BENTELER CNC-Processing-Center eases the challenges of handling large sheets of glass with operators and cumbersome pick and place system. With the vast array of working widths this machine can be used across many platforms of production. 


High precision:

  • laser sensors guarantee accurate positioning
  • automatic re-sharpening at regular intervals guarantees excellent tool quality
  • optimum drilling results by simultaneously drilling from above and below
  • automatic removal of glass waste


  • Benteler Interface Management allows direct recall of relevant data of the CNC program
  • gantry construction allows separate grinding and milling tools access to the complete working width of the glass sheet

Process reliability:

  • complete glass production on highest level of automation: drilling, grinding and milling operations in one machine save time and improve quality with
  • less handling and set up operations
  • simple accessibility and use of qualified components minimize maintenance time and an economic life-time
  • Accurate detection of the glass by touching it with a measuring probe

Simple operating:

  • in-line operation minimizes operator influences and overall fabrication time
  • automatic suction secures glass for phases of grinding and milling during production

Fields of application

Architectural Glass
Automotive Glass
Technical Glass

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