BENTELER - we fulfil customer wishes

  • All BENTELER products are customized to individual customer requirements and can be aligned to your specific application
  • We continuously support you during the entire project and we will develop individual solutions with you
  • We only use high-quality components to ensure an exclusive product quality
  • Our plant concept offers flexible adjustment possibilities from one provider
  • Our comprehensive delivery program offers you the delivery of stand-alone machines up to an entire line-concept

tecDriller – the BENTELER Portal Drilling Machine is a process drilling machine and especially suitable for larger sizes of coated and uncoated glass. The Portable Drilling Machine ensures a minimal setup time, optimal cost efficiency and high flexibility.

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Screen-Printing Machine – the BENTELER screen-printing solution is designed for a 24/7 operation.

  • high availability
  • high output due to a high degree of automation
  • can be used as stand-alone equipment or can be integrated into processing lines

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Glass grinding machine – the BENTELER flat glass grinding machines convince due to their optimal grinding results based on precision, speed and process reliability. All machine types satisfy with short set-up times because of rapid width and automatic glass thickness adjustment.

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Tec Washer compact – a high quality washer for small and medium-sized glass formats.

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