System solutions for Thai customers

Bielefeld, 30.04.2018 - BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment has again beat the international competition, receiving an attractive order to deliver equipment to Thailand. Already in the coming months, the first equipment components will be assembled in Bielefeld and in the Czech city of Liberec.

Delivery is planned later this year. "The quality of the flat glass processing line we had already delivered fully convinced Bangkok Glass. This is why our customer came to us directly with a new tender" reported Olaf Patsch, Sales Director of Architectural Glass.

The recently signed order includes a grinding/washing line and another washing machine. Thanks to the new equipment technology, the production processes can be considerably streamlined and efficiency can be increased over the long-term.

Bangkok Glass is expanding its market share in the field of single-pane safety glass with its new equipment technology and will continue to grow. "This order shows that we offer convincing solutions and that we have an excellent reputation on the market", according to Peter Oswald, Managing Director of Sales and Service BGE.

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