Innovative technology from BENTELER enables Merck to produce smart windows

Bielefeld/Salzburg, June 13, 2019. Dynamic windows that cut solar glare on demand to instantly adjust indoor light: Merck’s new product brand for dynamic liquid crystal windows eyrise™ is the solution. Enhanced comfort for the occupants and reduced energy demand while preserving transparency and color neutrality are some of the benefits of these dynamic windows. BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment has developed a new production line that is now being used for Merck’s liquid crystal windows production in Veldhoven, in the Netherlands.

"On the market, there was no technology to manufacture these switchable window panes until now," says Peter Oswald, Managing Director of Sales and Service of BENTELER Maschinenbau GmbH in Bielefeld. BENTELER is ideally positioned to meet such challenges – thanks to its 60 years of experience in glass processing and its unique expertise. "Our equipment is always custom-made. Developing innovative solutions for our customers is our business," stresses Oswald.

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