Energy efficiency: we make an active contribution 365 days a year!

Energy saving is more than just using less energy. It is about optimizing production processes and energy consumption, using renewable energy sources where possible. This also applies to our equipment, whether architectural, automotive, or technical glass. And the material itself that our machines process glass! These 8 examples speak for themselves:

  1. We make efficient and resource-saving glass processing happen: Our intelligent solutions increase production output by up to 30%! See for yourself: BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment increases production output by up to 30% - YouTube
  2. Low-e glass? To minimize energy losses via windows and facades, special low-E glass is used in architecture today: Insulating glass to which up to four layers of ultra-thin metal layers of about 100 nm are applied. How do we know this? With our unique coating washing machines, we ensure that the glass is truly "clinically" clean before vacuum coating to avoid rejects after coating. This is because in this highly sensitive process, contamination in the micro range can only be detected after coating.
  3. With an increased level of digitalization, we not only ensure user-friendly operation, but also a sustainable and efficient glass processing process..
  4. Our washing machines enable the production of curved automotive windshields as thin as credit cards. This means lighter and more sustainable: They score with lower energy and raw material consumption in glass production and processing!
  5. Our cutting, crushing and grinding lines enable the production of display glass as thin as the bristle of a cleaning brush. Do you know why displays are made of glass? Sure, it is transparent, but above all it is weak or non-conductive. This avoids energy loss, for example when transmitting high-frequency radio signals. This is what mobile communications standards use - and future radar systems for autonomous driving will also use them!
  6. How our products and solutions are supporting for example the SDG 07? By providing technical solutions for scaling up climate action with solar energy. Innovative solar projects around the world can rely on our innovative solutions. Together with leading solar module producers we provide a sustainable contribution to CO2 reduction. Powering up means affordable and clean energy therefore higher standards of living!
  7. Our equipment is not only indestructible but also highly automated, modular and process-safe, therefore flexible, reliable and efficient: thanks to the know-how from 70 years of plant engineering for flat glass processing.
  8. Ideal for special shaped glass: our flexible, process-reliable CNC-Processing-Center with extremely short set-up times. Grinding, polishing, milling and drilling on only one machine saves time, space - and money. Also suitable for large dimensions for automotive, architectural or technical glass. BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment offers top solutions for the complete processing of flat glass.

As you can see, glass is an important enabler to make our future more sustainable. With our energy-efficient glass processing machines and solutions, we support our customers in the implementation of their innovative and sustainable products.

More about our sustainability strategy at Sustainability - BENTELER International AG


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