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Safety glazing for trains: new glass stock for Glas Trösch Rail

Bielefeld, 31.08.2020 The driver's cab at the head of a train is exposed to many dangers. Glas Trösch Rail produces safety glazing in global demand – supported by BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment.

Glas Trösch Rail manufactures flat and curved safety glazing for the driver's cab of modern trains. Complex sheets that must reliably meet the highest demands. The Swiss company also uses state-of-the-art production systems from BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment for their production. Latest addition: a fully automatic glass stock.

It comprises 25 stock places for glass with the dimensions of 6 x 3 meters, a new overhead crane and a line for primitive cut: With this cutting line, smaller rectangular glasses are cut. Their further processing is done on the existing BENTELER Line for automotive windshields. The transport conveyors around the digital printer are also of  BENTELER origin.

„Glas Trösch Rail is a very innovative company that exactly knows: We are actively developing a suitable, individual solution for its applications “, Kai Nessensohn says, Head of Sales Automotive Glass, BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment.” The new stock will fit perfectly into the existing space. Replacing the existing overhead crane is a challenge: the modification works should of course not disrupt ongoing operations.”

The cooperation with Glas Trösch Rail shows once again: BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment is a reliable, solutions-oriented and quality-conscious partner. More than 3.500 further successfully completed projects 60 countries stand for this.

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